Wildwood Crest Real Estate Market Update June 2022

Here’s what happened in May 2022 in Wildwood Crest NJ

Estimated Home Values:

Median Estimated Home Value $2.58M

Change over last month: +3.02%

Change over last 3 month: +7.88%

Market Activity:

New ListingsPrice ChangesPendingClosedExpired
Number of Properties10610101
Low Price / Value$275,000$619,000$239,777$163,500$189,777
Median Price / Value$734,950$739,450$329,500$432,950$189,777
High Price / Value$1,450,000$999,000$1,099,000$1,260,000$189,777
Average Price / Sq. Ft.$483$417$450$525$264
Median Price / Sq. Ft.$460$411$443$523$264
Average Days in RPR33864668243
Median Days in RPR33843647243
Total Volume$7,974,900$4,560,900$4,964,676$5,331,800$189,777

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About this Data: Estimated home values are generated by a valuation model and are not formal appraisals. Valuations are based on public records and MLS data where licensed. The metrics shown here reflect All Residential Properties data

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