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Top 4 Tips For Avoiding Vacancies in Your Vacation Rental Property

Top 4 Tips For Avoiding Vacancies in Your Sea Isle City Rental Property



Having empty Sea Isle City homes for rent for a long time might be one the things that keeps you up at night as a landlord. That needs to stop. And there are things you can do about it. First, make sure you work with a good Sea Isle City real estate company. They can help you market your property so that tenants will be lining up. Here are some other things you can do if you are worrying about vacancy periods.


These great tips will help rid your vacancy worries for your Sea Isle, New Jersey rental property.


  1. Know the reason why tenants leave and deal with it


Before you think about getting a new tenant to fill the recently empty home, take time to analyze why the current tenants left. If your renters are happy and satisfied, there wouldn’t be any reason to leave.


Find out why tenants stay and find out why they go. Don’t worry about hearing negative feedback or criticism. Hearing and acting on it might just save you from all those long vacancy periods.




  1. Revisit your pricing


No need to raise your eyebrows. It’s a suggestion worth hearing I assure you. Price is one of the biggest motivations tenants have when choosing rentals. They are willing to pay as long as it’s within their budget and they know that the home is worth it. So think of those two things.


Some of the questions you may ask are: Is my rent priced too high compared with other properties in the neighborhood? Is my pricing appropriate for the tenants I am targeting?


Whenever you think about price, always have an open mind about slightly lowering the price if it is really needed. Remember that having very long vacancy periods can cost you more in the long run than having to adjust your pricing now.






  1. Make it pleasing to the eyes


It’s what they see that tenants will remember. So if you have them over for viewing, make sure there’s no eyesores anywhere. This does not just mean having dirt and clutter all around. Unfixed faucets, broken windows, and other minor details can easily turn them off. The impression they’ll get is that the property is not well maintained and some problems might come up soon.


Moreover, how you take care of your property and how you present it to tenants also says a lot about you as a landlord. You wouldn’t want to scare them off, that’s for sure.




  1. Make it visible to many


The internet – that’s your biggest tool right now. Having many people view your property both online and offline ensures you of higher chances of having someone rent it out sooner. Take advantage of a tenant’s tendency to go online and start their search. Make sure your property is on top sites like RightMove, FindAProperty, PropertyFinder and others. But of course if you have a Sea Isle City property manager, this wouldn’t be part of your to-do’s. Marketing, advertising, and even tenant screening will be handled for you.




You never have to have sleepless nights because of vacancy periods again. If you are working with a good Sea Isle City Realtor and if you tackle the tips above, you’ll have tenants lining up for your property in no time. Call me,

Ian Lazarus. The Landis Co., Realtors, ,


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