Homes in Stone Harbor have long been beautiful retreats from the summer heat. Since the first building was erected in Stone Harbor in 1891, Stone Harbor has always had a place as a resort town. The first resort in Stone Harbor sprung up in the early 1890’s around the site of the first inn.

It is amazing the transformation that has taken place since then. Some beautiful homes were built as part of the early Jersey shore resorts but they have no comparison to the homes currently occupying Seven Mile Beach. Some of today’s Stone Harbor homes are filled with every possible amenity and luxury. There are many homes that would be reasonable by today’s standards. It just seems as if the trend in Stone Harbor will continue towards the luxury single family home.

Buying for value is the #1 goal of all home owners, and those in Stone Harbor are no exception. Stone Harbor has long maintained its value due to its reputation as being a premier shore town. The legendary reputation of Stone Harbor allows homes to remain at a premium. The agents at specialize in finding value for those looking at homes for sale in Stone Harbor.

Among the current Stone Harbor homes for sale, you can find everything from a couple older, well maintained luxury homes to brand new luxury construction. Finding the right Stone Harbor home can often be the challenge for home owners without a local agent. agents are often the best resource when looking to buy a home in Stone Harbor. If you would like more information on buying a home in Stone Harbor, contact a agent.