Someone once asked, “Why would anyone pay that much more for oceanfront than a home just across the street?” For those that have stayed in a beachfront home, the answer is simple. Looking out from the deck of a Sea Isle City beachfront home is like looking onto an ever changing portrait.

In the early morning, it seems as if the world is just waking up. As the sun slowly rises on the horizon, it fills the front of beachfront homes with warming light. The rising of the sun and spreading of its rays bring back all the beautiful colors to the ocean. With the sun creeping into the sky, you realize you must be the luckiest person alive, you are truly waking up in paradise.

The splendor of the ocean is just beneath your windows. Rain or shine the ocean is always changing. Some mornings you may be greeted by a pod of dolphins frolicking in the surf, or other days it will be the quiet calm of morning giving way to afternoon. No matter what you experience, you can be assured tomorrow will bring something new. Nothing is ever the same on the beachfront.