Even those who consider themselves seasoned Sea Isle real estate investors are often shocked to learn the value of purchasing new construction. Well constructed new homes come with top of the line amenities and choice furnishings. When you purchase a freshly constructed home, you get to be the 1st to enjoy those brand-new amenities and upgrades. When we go into purchasing a home in Sea Isle City we often plan to own it for the rest of our lives. Unfortunately, the reality is that we tend to own our Sea Isle City home for between 5 and 10 years. That’s it. The initial investment in new construction means that if you end up selling in the average 5-10 year time frame like most people, you are offering a home that’s 5-10 years old rather than if you are selling one that is 20-30 years old. You know from this experience shopping for a Sea Isle City home that one of the things you always check out on an interesting home is the “Year Built”. So when you go to sell your home, put yourself in the shoes of those looking to buy. Do you want a home that is 20-30 years old or do you want to buy one that is 5-10 years old? Purchasing a home early in the construction phase often allows you the ability to customize many features in the home including paint colors, flooring, countertops and appliances. In addition to customization, you will also experience increased energy efficiency in today’s newly constructed homes. If you decide to rent the home….there’s always the opportunity for increased rentals as newly built homes often are in high-demand.

3 Things That Make New Construction Very Attractive

  • Strong resale value
  • Ability to customize final appearance
  • Higher than average rentals

When you start your search for a home in Sea Isle City, you should be open to the possibility of purchasing a home under construction. A side-by-side comparison with some older homes may surprise you. Let me put my years of experience in Sea Isle City to work for you.