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Revitalization is Happening in Atlantic City

Atlantic City Beach One of the best-kept secret’s in Atlantic City is the revitalization of the North End. Just like the great things happening at The Ocean, big changes are occurring throughout Atlantic City. Unlike, the dramatic stories you hear about AC’s demise, revitalization is happening in many places across the city and especially on the North End.

Just this week a $50 million project to reconnect the Atlantic City boardwalk was started and according to reports this project has been 70 years in the making and could mean a major transformation for the inlet area of Atlantic City.

6 ABC Reports…

Construction of a seawall and a new boardwalk in this area will mean that once again you’ll be able to bike or stroll the entire boardwalk from Margate all the way to Gardner’s Basin in Atlantic City…Replacing the damaged boardwalk is a big deal. Officials say once you can walk continuously to the other end of it in the Inlet it’ll become a major economic driver for this area.

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