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NJ.Com Writer Looks at Spending the Summer in Sea Isle City

Nothing beats Sea Isle down the Shore

by Brittany Berenato


Remember that sitcom, Cheers? Where everybody knows your name? Three months out of the year, that’s what Sea Isle City is like. As soon you as you pass over that bridge, you enter a home that only Sea Isle Civilians can truly appreciate.

Whether you are renting for the summer or visiting on weekends, this small shore town serves as an escape, a getaway, and if there were palm trees and coconuts, one might even think they were in paradise, especially since every you walk, you are bound to hear the classic drinking tunes of Bob Marley and Jimmy Buffet.

     I am 23 years old. I remember spending summers with my family in Ocean City and Wildwood. When I turned 18, my friends and I rented a house, more like a cheap excuse for a house, in Margate City. I did not even know Sea Isle City existed until I overheard a conversation amongst co-workers. There exact words were, “Sea Isle is like no other shore.”


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