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Is North Wildwood Becoming the Home of NFL Quarterbacks?

Dan Mcquade recently wrote an article in the Press of Atlantic City titled, Is Carson Wentz Really Buying a House in North Wildwood? 

Dan writes…

But it’s the last paragraph of the story where things get really interesting, when writer Jack Tomczuk lets a little rumor drop about the development in the former location of Coconut Cove:

It’s even rumored that Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is building a home in the development—but it’s unclear whether his presence will attract more commercial interest to North Wildwood’s gateway.

Yes, that’s right: Carson Wentz could soon own a summer home in the land of sand and Tully Nuts.


Another interesting aspect of this potential story, it that another NFL quarterback also spends some time in North Wildwood. As it was reported, during the Super Bowl Matt Ryan’s family has had a home there for decades.

“My family has had a house there for a long time,” Ryan said in a phone interview in November. “I enjoy spending a few weeks down there whenever I can.” 

Well it doesn’t seem like anyone really knows whether Wentz is really purchasing a home but it could make for some interesting speculation around pick-up football games in North Wildwood.

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