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Interesting Information on Today’s Vacation Home Market

Interesting Look at the Future of Vacation Rentals


One of the fastest growing markets in tourism are tech savvy travelers.  Recently a study was done by on this growing trend of vacationers.  Perhaps the most amazing thing found in the study was the age makeup of tech savvy travelers.  Tech savvy travelers are ” are equally likely to be Echo Boomers (18-28 years of age) as Baby Boomers (43 to 61 years of age)”.  For many Jersey shore home owners there potential renters are definitely in the 28-61 years of age.

The tech savvy travelers were also found to be “highly educated” and with 30% of households making in excess of $100,000.  This group of travelers were also found to spend as 50% more than there “non techie” counterparts.  37% were found to have visited a social network like MySpace or Facebook, than a travel review site like TripAdvisor.

Vacation home owners should pay attention over 40% have taken a virtual tour before they went somewhere.  An often overlooked aspect of vacation home marketing is the value in a good virtual tour.  Home owners with this group it is important to deliver what you advertise.  A full third have written a travel review online.

This is an emerging market and for those who value their Jersey shore vacation rentals it is important to stay ahead of the trend.  Wireless internet is the minimum any home owner should offer.  It today’s market a Jersey shore home owner is seriously handicapping themselves with not having free wireless internet.

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