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The Kiplinger Letter is considered the most widely read business forecasting periodical in the world. Launched in 1923, the Kiplinger Letter rose to prominence, and experienced strong circulation growth, during the Great Depression, when W. M. Kiplinger and his staff had very good contacts within FDR’s “brain trust,” enabling the Letter to give its readers very accurate early warning of key programs in the New Deal that would transform the American economy. [8]While not primarily a political analysis newsletter, The Kiplinger Letter has correctly predicted the outcome of every presidential election since 1924—including exceptionally close races in 1960, 1976 and 2000–with the notable exception of the 1948 contest between incumbent Harry S Truman and GOP challenger Thomas Dewey.

With 89,000 biweekly subscribers, The Tax Letter is the most widely read tax advisory newsletter, with readers at law and accounting firms, corporate CFO and general counsel offices, and the homes of high-net-worth individuals. In four pages each issue, covering both business and personal taxation, the Letter tries to advise its readers on coming changes in tax law and regulations, recent rulings and interpretations by the IRS, Tax Court and states, and strategies for minimizing taxes.