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Great Look at Managing Development by Stone Harbor

Kevin Post has a great look at Stone Harbor in The Press

Stone Harbor Point in Cape May County has some of the most beautiful scenery in southern New Jersey, combining ocean and bay shores, dunes, scrub forest and an ever changing expanse of beach.

Even if it was not among the most critical wildlife habitats in the region, it would draw visitors for the views, fishing, fresh and salty air, and serenity.

As development has reduced beach-nesting ground elsewhere, Stone Harbor Point has become a required stop for bird watchers who want to see signature shore birds such as black skimmer, least tern and piping plover.

Besides those protected species, birders are frequently rewarded with rare visitors to the Point. Sandwich, roseate, arctic and black terns have all been seen there during the past year.

Too often, municipalities fail to appreciate such a natural resource. With their focus on the immediate concern of providing municipal services cost-effectively, they are tempted to leave care of nature and wildlife to state and federal programs.

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