Cape May, New Jersey, has long been dubbed as the Nation’s Oldest Seashore Resort. For over a hundred years, vacationers have been coming to this quaint seashore town. Real estate in Cape May has long been characterized by the over 600 authentically preserved and restored Victorian homes. The Victorian homes are by no means the only real estate available in Cape May, they just may be what it is most recognized for.

Cape May is now a mix of new and old. Older Victorian homes and inns are blended alongside modern homes and condos. Cape May is the southernmost tip of the Jersey Shore peninsula. Its unique location as the southernmost point allows it to be affected by both the Atlantic Ocean and Delaware Bay. The cooling provided by both bodies of water is one of the reasons Cape May has long been such a desired location along the Jersey shore.

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For those who are looking for things to do, Cape May is full of activities. One thing many Cape May home owners rave about is the excellent dining opportunities. From guided tours of the classic Victorian homes, to unique shopping and galleries, Cape May is definitely poised to be a favorite Jersey Shore resort for the next hundred years. Why not find your Cape May Home now?

Though characterized by its many beautiful Victorian homes, Cape May homes can also be contemporary. If a home is not what you’re looking for, there are many modern Cape May condos for sale. Cape May is also home to some beautiful townhomes. If you love the oceans and bays, you may be interested in Cape May oceanfront. Cape May real estate definitely offers something for every taste from Victorian to contemporary. Usually the hardest part is finding what is right for you. That is why we recommend hiring a agent.