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Ian Lazarus launches New Website

Looking for a Shore home? Thinking about buying a vacation home? Thinking about refinancing? Thinking about upgrading? Interest rates just hit three year lows (3.625% on a 30 year fixed loan). Prices have leveled out this year and buyers are getting great deals. Sign up for saved search and have great properties emailed to you as they hit the market or prices are reduced into your price criteria.

Let me negotiate the best deal and get the most buying power than anyone in the past 3 years. The market seems to have hit a point where prices have stalled. This is not a market top but a breather. We need to be prepared to walk away from over priced listings and find the best buys for the long run.

As a heads up we are seeing that The Wildwoods will have the most upside potential because of a external issue. This being the Garden State Parkway construction project specifically the removal of the three traffic lights from the CMC Zoo to Shellbay intersection. This will be the first season the parkway will be open in both directions. This type of access to The Wildwoods will bring additional people to the areas and this will increase rental rates which in turn will increase property values. Also the easier access on to the island will attract other homeowners that wouldn’t have considered the area because of the time to travel there on the weekends. Prices are still very attractive and are still substantially below the price highs of 2006.


This year we are seeing more owner trade-ups than in the past 10 years. Most property owners are not underwater on their mortgages even if they bought at the very top of the 2005 timeframe. If you want to find out what your home buying purchasing power is you should contact your mortgage professional or contact my mortgage representative John Coneys, CPA at Freedom Mortgage at Cell: 610-322-4886. I have found him to be very knowledgeable and very fair.

If you have saved searches on you still have time to switch over to the new website. I will be keeping it live until the end of July. The new website works well on all devices as well as smartphones. If you have any questions or constructive comments please let me know. I would love to hear from you. Respectfully, Ian Lazarus

The website went live last week and we had a few people work through a couple of the glitches. We are proud to launch it. If you see anything that is wrong please send me a note so I can make it right for everyone!! Thank you!!

Click to search 100’s of Jersey Shore properties Here

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Sea Isle City Single Family Home for Sale – 20 53rd Street

Charming Single family house for sale in one of the best locations on the island. 20 53rd Street is located on the corner of 53rd Street and Pleasure Avenue. This home has never been rented and is ready for the Summer 2016. The house was totally renovated from the ground up in 2001.

Contact Ian Lazarus, 609-457-0258 The Landis Co., Realtors, , SJ Beach Homes Featured Property.

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6 Reasons Why Buying a Second Home is a Great Idea

Hello all, I found this article online and thought about the reasons why my clients have bought homes at the Jersey Shore. Huge profits in most cases wasn’t the main reason even tho I have had clients make more than fourfold on their investment. I had a client buy an oceanfront 2 bedroom condominium for $225,000 and at the top of the market could have sold it for over $800,000. But more importantly they won’t sell it and are using it in their retirement years.

This article is in a general context so it can be the answer to your needs, here at the Shore or elsewhere. Some of you might have a place in all the locations. My dream is to have four homes for 4 seasons. Dream on! Right?

Search 100’s of Jersey Shore Homes Here

There is something appealing about owning a piece of land that you can call your own. But you are not limited to just one property. When some people think about vacations, owning a second piece of land is even better. There are many reasons why people want to buy a second home, and below are just a few of them:

Investment purposes: While markets go up and down, in the long run, markets tend to go up. Purchasing a home in an upcoming or already idyllic area can allow you to see that property appreciate over time, allowing your investment property to increase in value. To make that investment even more worthwhile, you can also rent it out. And when the time is right, you can sell the property at a huge gain.

Retirement: You need to save a large amount of money so that you can eventually retire. But you don’t have to have your savings merely in the stock market or bonds – diversification is a good thing. Buying a second home can be part of that strategy. Choose a location where you would eventually want to live; if you are not sure, vacation in different spots until you find one that meets both your needs and wants. Consider the climate, cost of living, municipal facilities, and social life. You can visit your second home before you retire to establish connections as well as relax, and you can rent it out to help pay the mortgage.

Vacation rental: Mountain homes, prime golfing location, waterfront property, national park hiking, wildlife retreat, fishing hole, or historical spot – there are many reasons why people pick their vacation spots. By buying a second home in one of these areas and renting it out, you can pay your mortgage and generate rental income from others who need a sweet escape from their daily lives.

4 Let the good times roll: According to the National Association of Realtors, when asked for the reasons for buying a second home, vacation was the top answer. Given the great transportation system in the United States, it doesn’t take long to travel to any location you want. Whether it is your small isolated wooded retreat or a flat in a cosmopolitan city, getting away once in a while is always needed.

Family getaway: Reunions, vacations, holidays, or for no reason at all – getting family together is a great way to remain connected. For larger families or groups spread across the country, buying a second home for a family retreat can simplify that connection while allowing family members to enjoy a more affordable vacation.

6   Reverse it: As the saying goes, change is good. If you want to mix it up a little, consider a reverse – living in your vacation home while renting out your city home. Technology has made it easy for many of us to work remotely. Moving to a lesser populated place can mean lower costs while reducing your stress. Additionally, you can change back to your city home when you get a hankering for hustle and bustle again. Either way, you can earn a rental income while enjoying a different location. After all, a change can be as good as a rest!

Search 100’s of Jersey Shore Homes Here

If renting out your second property, you may need to find a professional rental company to help ensure your property stays in great condition. Lastly, you need to be aware of the tax implications on your finances. But if you do your homework and obtain a local real estate agent who specializes in second properties, you can have years of enjoyment right around the corner.

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How do I appeal my New Jersey Property taxes ?


 The only reason anyone in New Jersey would want to appeal their property taxes is if the assessed value was more than their current property value ( as of October 1 of the past year.). Many homeowners at the Jersey Shore are in that exact situation.

In the past 13 years of working in Cape May County I have consulted 100’s of property owners on the issue of appealing their taxes or leave them alone. Most township assessors are willing to look at your assessment if they are approximately 15% higher than the market value. Sometimes they will reduce them with a phone call rather than having many additional property owners go through the tax appeal process. You might be able to have them reduced lower if you go to a hearing but that takes time out of your busy life. You can hire an attorney to represent you at the hearing and that cost usually 1/3 of the amount you save in the first year.

Here are a few resources I have put on my website for you to understand the process. I can help you compile the comparable usable sales to see if this is something you should pursue.

Here is the link to the N.J.Tax Appeal FAQ’s – Click here to view the questions and answers.

Here is the link to the Cape May County information – Click here to view the C.M.C. Brochure.

Here is the link to the Cape May County Application – Click here to download the application.

You can contact me to discuss your personal property tax issues at (609)457-0258 anytime from 10am until 5pm daily. Send me a email at to set up a time to chat if those times don’t seem to work for you.

Respectfully, Ian Lazarus

The Landis Co., Realtors

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Open House – 101 Boardwalk in Atlantic City

Wednesday September 30th is a great time to come out and see what’s happening at The Ocean, I have an Open House running from 11-7.

If your in the area between 11-3 come out and enjoy some lunch or if later in the day works for you between 3-7 I’ll have wine, snacks and an chance to take you on a tour of all everything happening.

This is an excellent opportunity for Atlantic & Cape May County Realtors to enjoy some free food & drinks. Come out relax and enjoy one of the best sunset locations in Atlantic City.

I have some just renovated studios, 1 & 2 bedroom pet-friendly apartments on the oceanfront. All referrals are broker protected.

The Ocean at 101 Boardwalk

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Mrs Brizzles in Sea Isle City has the best Subs ever !!

My favorite sub shop at the Jersey Shore is in Sea Isle City, NJ !! Mrs. Brizzles is the best and they are pet friendly.

Watch Miss Pam show you how she makes her world famous Italian Pisano Sub. All of their sandwiches are made with Boarshead meats and cheese. Then if you still have room! Have one of those oversized buns with extra cream in top. Now you can see why I love to hang out at Mrs. Brizzles. Mike the owner also trades gossip for coffee ! Stop by when you are in Sea Isle City, NJ 4601 Landis Avenue, Thanks Ian Lazarus, The Landis Co., Realtors,, Hit me up if you need any help with real estate or where to go for anything at the shore. I have been living the dream here since 1983.

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Sea Isle City, NJ Restaurants and Dining Video

Check out all the best dining and local Haunts for the best seafood and local specialties. Most are open through the winter holidays then open around Mothers Day

Can you believe the there is no more Busch’s? There will be something new replacing it coming in Spring of 2016. What is your favorite Sea Isle City restaurant?

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Sea Isle City Sunset – Autumn Colors

One of my favorite things to do at the shore is relax and watch the sunset on the bay. This is a great mellow song to go along with the sunset video. You have to love Denise Young. Autumn Colors is the best ! Enjoy these amazing Sea Isle City sunsets. Ian

One was just not enough !! Enjoy !!

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Sea Isle City Polar Bear Plunge is Sooo Much Fun !!

Check out the Festivities at the Sea Isle City Polar Bear Plunge! More than 40,000 watched thousands of people take the plunge. Sea Isle City was busy like Memorial Day. A good time was had by all. Produced by Ian and Rami Lazarus. The Lazarus Team, The Landis Co., Realtors, 609-457-0258,

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Good People Good Sea Isle City People

“Good People” written and performed by Jack Johnson. Rami and I lightened up the video to show where the good people were vacationing in the summer. The setting is near the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ. The song is Jack Johnson and we added the video to a great song. If you like it please give us a thumbs up and subscribe ! Hope you enjoy it ! ~ Ian Lazarus,