Avalon has always had an appeal to those that love luxury. This can be seen in everything in Avalon, from beautiful single family homes to beach and bayfront condos. Avalon may have some of the finest condos on the entire Jersey shore. If not the nicest, it definitely has the largest amount of beautifully appointed condos.

Those who shop for condos in Avalon are much like those looking for a Stone Harbor or Sea Isle City Condo. They want to enjoy their time at the shore without being responsible for the yearly maintenance. Avalon condos can be found in all price ranges, making them attractive as a second home or a starter Jersey shore home.

One thing in particular to note about owning a condo in Avalon is there will most likely be home owner’s association fees. The amount of the HOA (Home Owners Association) fees will vary greatly. Often that is good cause enough to find an experienced local REALTOR.